$3 ride home instead of $40? Man cycles over an hour from Clarke Quay to Sengkang after clubbing

Clubbing is all fun and games until it’s time to get a cab. 

Not wanting to fork out an exorbitant price for his ride, Tan Jun Hao decided to get back home the old-school way — on a bicycle. 

“I refuse to pay $40 for a Grab,” he captioned. 

The 21-year-old documented his journey from Clarke Quay to Sengkang in a TikTok video uploaded on Tuesday (Feb 14). 

At the start of the 15-second-long clip, he was seen hopping onto a green rental bicycle. 

The journey home was a pretty long one and Tan went past dimly lit roads, construction sites and highways. 

He also made a pitstop to hydrate himself. 

After almost an hour and a half, he finally reached his destination.


cq to sengkang bike tour

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According to the bicycle rental app, he clocked a total of 16.68km and even managed to burn 400 calories while at it. 

He also only paid $3 for the rental – a stark comparison to the $40 he would have forked out had he taken a Grab. 

In the comments, netizens expressed how impressed they were with Tan’s post-clubbing adventures. 


Others said he was “living the healthy life” and one even remarked that it was a good way to sober up. 


And apparently, he isn’t the only one who has done this — several netizens commented that they have too. 


However, one netizen pointed out that cycling home after a night of clubbing may not be for everyone and if he personally tried it, he would probably vomit and pass out. 


Speaking to AsiaOne, Tan said that usually, the surge price of a Grab ride from Clarke Quay to Sengkang costs between $35 to $45. 

He also shared that it was his first time cycling home from a club. 

However, it wasn’t the first time he had gone the extra mile to try and save money after a fun night out. 

“I walked home from Clarke Quay with my friends for fun last year, so I had a rough idea of the route,” he said. 

Apart from trying to save money, Tan told us that he had also been “a little energetic” after clubbing so he wanted to cycle home “for fun” too. 

“It seemed pretty doable at that time. I just thought: ‘Why not, this could be fun.'” 

Though he found the experience “therapeutic”, he admitted that the journey got “a little tiring” towards the end as he had to cycle upslope a couple of times. 

But nonetheless, he still enjoyed it. 

“It was nice and cooling at night, not many people around [and] I did some sightseeing on the way,” he said, adding that he cycled past National Gallery, War Memorial Park, Golden Mile Complex and National Stadium. 

“I guess it counts as a good workout too so the pros outweigh the cons. It’s a pretty funny story to tell too!”

Around the island in 17 hours 

Whether it’s to save money on an expensive cab fare or to explore our little red dot, it seems like cycling is a popular activity in Singapore. 

Last April, one man, Victor Phua, took his daughter on an adventure around Singapore, all on a bike. 

The pair began in Yishun at 6.45am and ended at the same location at 11.45pm. The 166km journey took them 17 hours to complete.

But it wasn’t an easy trip and the weather was a major issue for Phua and his daughter — during the ride, they were exposed to the scorching hot sun and three rounds of heavy rain.

In an interview with AsiaOne, Phua said he recently found a passion for cycling and wanted to inculcate “a lifestyle that was exploratory in nature” in his children.

He added: “If you read about something in the books, go forth and find out what it actually looks and feels like. [I] also [wanted] to expose them to the far west of Singapore, much of that area [is] not normally seen by the majority of children.”

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