Romantic gesture or spoil market? Netizens divided over drone proposal at Marina Bay

Yay or nay? 

Someone might have thought he was making a big romantic gesture by proposing with drones at Marina Bay, but some netizens, however, don’t seem to be as charmed by the act.

The proposal was caught on video by TikTok user Casanova_del_ray, who uploaded a video of the display on Saturday (March 18). 

“Someone did a proposal by using drones at Marina Bay,” he wrote in the 30-second clip, which showed some lit-up motifs in the sky, the names of the couple, followed by the words: “Marry me?”, which were seen floating over the iconic ArtScience Museum building near Marina Bay Sands.


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“This is so sweet I cannot,” gushed Casanova_del_ray in the caption. 

As romantic as the grand gesture might have been to the user, netizens didn’t seem to agree with how ostentatious the set-up was. 

Several called it a “spoil market” move, and lamented about how it would set unrealistic expectations for other men. 


Still, there were those however, who were more encouraging.

“This girl is really lucky, that is a special way to propose,” commented one user.

“I would say yes for sure,” noted another.

We can only hope the intended recipient approved as well.

Man proposes on sampan ride at Marina Bay Sands

In January last year, another man also decided to pop the question at Marina Bay Sands — while on the sampan ride inside The Shoppes. 

The beautiful moment was captured on video by Singaporean makeup artist Tiffany Fang, who posted it on TikTok. 

The video captured the flurry of activity as the proposal was being set up, as well as the actual moment the couple drifted by on the sampan. 


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♬ Here’s Your Perfect – Jamie Miller

As soon as the sampan emerged from under a bridge, four ‘assistants’ got into position, holding up four placards that read: “Will you marry me?” 

The man then took out the ring to pop the question, earning a yes from the woman. 

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