'Don't disgrace CNY event': Risque routine at Tuas South dorm draws brickbats

Mention Chinese New Year celebrations and lion dance often comes to mind. But the audience got quite an eyeful at this recent show.

In a TikTok video posted on Saturday (Jan 21), a pole dancer was seen doing body rolls and spreading her legs in the air during her performance at the Chinese New Year event held at Tuas South Dormitory on Friday.

Clad in a bikini and heels, the dancer swirled around the pole to the sultry tune of Feeling Good by Michael Buble as the audience let out whoops of delight. One man in the clip, however, covered his eyes out of apparent embarrassment.

This was certainly not what one would expect to see at a festive celebration.

Netizens took to the comment section to express their distaste towards the performance, with one even calling it “messed up”.

“Don’t disgrace CNY event please,” another wrote. 


Several netizens also voiced their disapproval of the performance planned by the event organisers.


While a number of netizens tried to lighten the mood with jokes, one netizen voiced how the choice of performance was “messed up” and that she felt “so bad for their (the audience’s) wives.” 


But it appears that other performances were in the line-up, such as a traditional dance that received an enthusiastic response from the audience.


#asalamualaikum🙏 good evening 🥰🥰💃💃💃💃

♬ original sound – 💫MD ISLAM💫 – 💫MD ISLAM💫

AsiaOne has contacted the dormitory but has yet to receive a response at the time of writing.

Last September, a senior care home in Taiwan received backlash for a similar reason.

In a viral video filmed during Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations there, a young woman in lingerie was seen gyrating in front of a group of elderly men seated in wheelchairs, and even guided a senior’s hands over her body at Taoyuan Veterans Home. 

While some didn’t take issue with the raunchy performance, others were not amused and went on social media to air their displeasure.

The home has since apologised, stating that the purpose of the event was to “entertain residents” and “make them happy.”

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