Famous ‘German Girl’ ghost caught on video in Pulau Ubin

A security guard accidentally captured a ghost believed to be a girl honored in Pulau Ubin.

The clip, which was posted by Night Shift Horror and today resurfaced on several platforms, showed a figure in an “old medieval gown” skirting through the rain. 

@nightshifthorror Ghost encounter in Pulau Ubin. Video was sent to us by a security officer…what he accidentally caught on his phone. #horrorsg #ghost #hantu #ghoststories #paranormal #singaporeghost #nightshift #sghaunted #fyp #tiktokhorror #haunteddoll ♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension – Sound Production Gin

The somewhat blurry footage was said to be captured by a security officer who was recording the video to inform his supervisor that he couldn’t do his rounds as it was pouring that night.

The page claimed that it was the ghost of the 18-year-old German girl who died on the island in 1914 from falling off a cliff whilst trying to flee from the British army in World War I. She was part of the two German families who resided on the island at the time and ran coffee plantations.

A makeshift shrine, which is now at Ketam Mountain Bike Park, was built in her honor by Chinese workers after recovering her body. Visitors sometimes leave makeup and Barbie dolls at the site.

The shrine taken in 2021, with a Barbie doll enclosed in a plastic case. Photo: National Library Board

But again, this is all folklore and it could all be just a woman in a raincoat dashing for shelter.

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