OnlyFans’ Titus Low films himself chugging wife’s breast milk with cereal that nobody asked for

On TikTok, ice-cream cafe entrepreneur and controversial OnlyFans celebrity Titus Low shared an incredibly intimate and personal video of him… eating cereal with his wife’s breast milk.

The video, captioned ‘extra protein’, showed him pouring a bag of breastmilk into a bowl of Oreo O’s. 

Low then proceeds to smile and nod in approval before throwing a side eye at the camera. 

Touching, moving, provocative, bold. 


extra protein 🍼

♬ Collide (more sped up) – Justine Skye

The comments brigade were puzzled as well – although some were curious. 

But the best comment was probably by user Celestt. 

He’s no stranger to creating controversy so this was probably um, child’s play to him. 

Recently the content creator become a father when his wife Cheryl Chin and him welcomed a baby girl on Mar. 9. 

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