Singapore parrot that was abused and fed with human saliva rescued and taken in

A parrot was caught being abused and fed with human saliva by a woman on video recently.

The clip that has been making its rounds online showed a woman who was filming herself on Facebook Live flicking a parrot’s beak, forcefully grazing it against her cheek and then feeding it with copious amounts of saliva.

“If anyone lost your bird at Changi, pls know that this helper fed it saliva (watch till the end),” the caption of the now-removed TikTok read.

Animal welfare group Parrot Society Singapore stepped in and updated yesterday that the parrot has been rescued at 10pm after appealing to the public for information on its whereabouts.

The group said one of its members managed to track the woman down and confiscated the bird from her. 

“We are glad to share that the parrot has been secured and is now under our care,” the group wrote last night, adding that they will take the parrot to see a vet today.

More updates to follow, said the group.

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